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Exploring Different Types of Ghana Visas with Global Plug Services

Ghana, a land of beauty and opportunity, has seen a surge in tourism over the years. Understanding the visa requirements for visiting Ghana is essential for a smooth entry into this vibrant country. This article aims to break down the various types of visas available for travellers to Ghana, their purposes, eligibility criteria, and how Global Plug Services (GPS) can assist in navigating the visa application process.

Single Entry Visa

A Single Entry Visa grants one entry into Ghana and is valid for three months from the date of issue. Once you exit Ghana, this visa becomes invalid, requiring a new one for re-entry.

Multiple Entry Visa

On the other hand, a Multiple Entry Visa offers flexibility, allowing multiple entries within the granted validity period. The duration of this visa varies per consular officer’s decision, typically not open for challenge.

Business Visas

The Business Visa unlocks opportunities for business travellers aiming to engage in meetings, conferences, and negotiations in Ghana. GPS can assist in obtaining this visa, facilitating your business endeavours hassle-free.

  • Purpose: Attend business meetings, negotiate contracts, and engage in related activities.
  • Duration: Up to 30 days with an option to extend for an additional 30 days.

Student Visas

Ideal for those pursuing educational programs in Ghana, the Student Visa enables enrolment in registered educational institutions. GPS offers tailored support for a seamless application process.

  • Purpose: Enrolment in educational programs.
  • Stay Duration: Throughout the study program with part-time work options.

Employment Visas

For individuals securing employment or establishing businesses in Ghana, the Employment Visa is essential. GPS streamlines the application process for swift visa acquisition.

  • Requirements: Employment Contract and proof of Grant of Employment Quota in Ghana.
  • Duration: Up to one year with renewal options.

Tourist Visas

Designed for leisure travellers exploring Ghana’s culture and attractions, the Tourist Visa is a sought-after option. GPS ensures a straightforward application process for a memorable visit.

  • Purpose: Explore Ghana’s culture and natural beauty.
  • Stay Duration: Up to 30 days with possible extensions.

Transit Visas

Often confused with Tourist Visas, Transit Visas cater to quick stopovers for connecting flights. GPS expedites the application process, ensuring seamless travel experiences.

  • Purpose: Short stopovers during connecting flights.
  • Validity: Typically lasting a few hours.

Visitor Visas

Visitor Visas cater to short-term stays for business, tourism, or visiting family and friends without plans for permanent residence. GPS simplifies the application process for a hassle-free trip.

  • Stay Duration: Up to 30 days for specific purposes.
  • Documents Required: Proof of onward travel and other essential documents.

Visa on Arrival (VOA)

VOA allows travellers to obtain visas directly at Ghanaian airports, bypassing pre-application processes. GPS offers guidance on VOA eligibility and facilitates smooth arrivals.

  • Eligibility: Specific countries’ citizens with requisite documentation.
  • Validity: Up to 30 days with activity restrictions and potential fees.


Navigating Ghana’s visa landscape can be daunting, but with GPS’s expert assistance, your journey to this enchanting destination can be stress-free. Contact us today to explore your visa options, simplify the application process, and embark on your Ghanaian adventure seamlessly.

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Remember, proper planning and expert guidance from GPS can make your visit to Ghana an unforgettable experience. Get in touch with us today!

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