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The National Identity Number (NIN) is a unique set of eleven (11) numbers assigned to Nigerian citizens upon successful enrolment into the National Identity Database. Managed by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), the NIN is essential for establishing and verifying individual identities in Nigeria for official purposes. 

Service Offerings: 

  1. First Enrolment: If you are a Nigerian resident in the UK looking to register for a NIN, our team is here to assist you. We provide all the necessary information and guide you through the enrolment process at our designated centres in Liverpool and London. 
  2. Corrupt or Inaccessible NIN Assistance:  Facing issues with your NIN, such as corruption or inaccessibility? Our knowledgeable experts will guide you through resolving these problems, ensuring that your NIN remains valid and functional. 
  3. Modification Support: If you need to update details on your NIN like name changes, date of birth, gender, phone number, or address, our team is here to help. We will guide you through the modification process to ensure that all your updated information is accurately reflected in the National Identity Database. 
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NIN Services

How it Works

How to Enroll

To enrol for a NIN: 

  1. Complete this form for customers in London and Southern England. For those in Northern England, Scotland and Wales use this form.
  2. Book an appointment. 
  3. The enrolment procedure involves recording demographic data, including fingerprint capturing, head-to-shoulder facial picture taking, and digital signature collection. This information is then cross-checked against existing data in the National Identity Database for verification purposes. 
  4. Upon successful completion of this process, an 11-digit number will be issued on a NIN slip. 


During the biometrics enrolment process, unique physical data such as fingerprints and facial structure are collected using digital devices. This process is quick and non-intrusive, involving capturing face images with digital cameras and fingerprint scans via finger scanners.

Benefits of Having a NIN:

Owning a NIN comes with numerous advantages: 

  1. Uniqueness: Each individual has their own distinct number, preventing identity theft. 
  2. Simplifies Transactions: The NIN serves as proof of identity across various platforms, enabling seamless transactions. 
  3. Access to Services: It is mandatory for accessing services such as obtaining passports or opening bank accounts in Nigeria. 
  4. Improves Planning: The NIN facilitates government planning by providing population counts needed for facility provision based on population count facilitated by NIN. 

At Global Plug Services (GPS), we are committed to providing stress-free experiences and premium customer service. Our team utilizes vast administrative experience and comprehensive knowledge of travel document regulations to simplify application processes. 


Your Questions Answered

General National Identity Number (NIN) Information

The NIN is a unique number randomly generated and issued to individuals who have successfully enrolled in the National Identity Management System (NIMS). It serves as a lifelong identification number. 

NIMC is the primary institution mandated by law to institutionalize an identity management system in Nigeria. Its responsibilities include managing the NIMS, enrolling citizens, and legal residents for NIN, issuing the National e-ID Card, and managing the National Identity Database. 

NIMS refers to the infrastructure responsible for managing the NIMC mandate and includes processes, technologies, and databases used for identity management. 

NIMC helps identify individuals uniquely, eliminates duplicate identities, and reduces fraud through its enrolment process. 

The NIN ties all records about an individual into the National Identity Database and serves as a valid means of establishing or verifying individual identity. It is required for various transactions such as passport registration, opening bank accounts, obtaining voter’s cards, and more. 

Yes, every citizen of Nigeria needs to present their unique identification number when applying or renewing their passport. 

All citizens of Nigeria from age zero (0) and above are eligible to enrol for their NINs. It is mandatory for every citizen and legal resident to enrol. 

Adult applicants need to provide their BVN if available, along with any of the following original and valid supporting documents: old National ID Card, driver’s license, voter’s card, Nigerian international passport, certificate of origin, attestation letter from a prominent ruler, birth certificate, declaration of age, attestation letter from religious/traditional leader, NHIS ID card, government staff ID card, private organization staff ID card, school ID card (private/public), tax clearance certificate, or valid immigration documents. 

In addition to the above documents required for adults, minors need to provide a Nigerian passport (expired or current) or an original birth certificate with the Nigerian passport data page of either parent. A parent or guardian’s NIN must also be provided. At least one parent or guardian must accompany all minors. 

Upon successful enrolment in the NIMS process at an enrolment centre, a unique 11-digit NIN will be issued to you. A NIN Slip containing your number will be emailed to you. 

GPS Enrolment Process and Services

Complete this form for customers in London and Southern England. For those in Northern England, Scotland and Wales use this form.

GPS is an enrolment centre authorized by TheBez Global Resources Limited and works in partnership with them and NIMC to assist individuals in obtaining their NINs. They complete the enrolment form on the NIMC application on your behalf and ensure that any related issues are resolved satisfactorily. 

Biometric enrolment involves capturing an individual’s physical characteristics such as fingerprints and facial structure using digital scanning devices. 

The enrolment process usually takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes per individual. 

Applicants residing outside Nigeria must submit their applications at the nearest National Identification Number Enrolment Centre (NINEC). Appointments for biometric capturing must be booked in advance. 

Yes, all Nigerian citizens, including children, are required to enrol for the NIN. The enrolment process is the same for all individuals, with additional requirements for minors. 

The NIN allows authorities to tie an individual’s records into a centralized database and helps establish and verify identity. It is a requirement for accessing government services abroad, including consular services provided by Nigerian Embassies and Missions. 

You can reach out to the GPS support team during their working hours via phone or email to inquire about the status of your application. 

No, the NIN does not expire. 

Yes, GPS can assist you in tracking your NIN with your tracking ID and resend it to you for a fee if you did not enrol with GPS initially. 

Pre-NIN Enrolment Day FAQ

We have centres in London (Highlands House, 165 The Broadway, Wimbledon, SW19 1NE) and Liverpool (Unit G6 67-83, Queens Dock Commercial Centre, Norfolk St, Liverpool L1 0BG).

You can book an appointment for NIN enrolment in London using this link or Liverpool using this link.

The fees charged by GPS for enrolling individuals 16 years and above are £45, while those below 16 years are charged £35. 

GPS recommends completing their online form and making a payment before attending an appointment at any of their offices to confirm/book your slot promptly. 

Yes, weekend services are available but require an additional fee. However, walk-in appointments without completing the online form will incur an extra charge. 

Post-NIN Enrolment

To update your information, visit any GPS office as a walk-in or book an appointment for modification. Bring supporting documents for verification, and necessary changes will be made.

If you realize that you have submitted incorrect information on your pre-enrolment form, inform the Enrolment Officer during the verification process. Correct information can be provided in a new application.

No, it is not possible to enrol more than once. The system detects duplicate registrations and denies them.

The processing time for NIN issuance is determined by NIMC, and GPS has no control over it. Once your NIN is available, it will be communicated to you via email. 

Activation of NINs is solely handled by NIMC and may require some syncing with their verification service before being fully active for various services such as passport applications and SIM card registration. 

GPS can assist you in tracking your NIN with your tracking ID and resend it to you for a fee if you did not enrol with GPS initially.

These FAQs aim to provide customer-friendly and easy-to-understand information about the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) services offered by Global Plug Services Limited (GPS). For further assistance or inquiries, please contact the GPS support team through their provided contact details or visit their offices during working hours. 

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Apply for a NIN with GPS

Customers in London and Southern England should apply through the London Office. For those in Northern England, Scotland and Wales, please use the Liverpool Office: